In a world filled with stereotypes, we seldom get the raw opportunity to truly express how we feel in today’s society. Understanding this cultural obstacle, MUJERÓN Movement was created to provide a judgment-free women’s empowerment community where EXTRAORDINARY Latina women just like you can improve their lifestyle, embrace self-love, and equip themselves with the tools needed to become the Mujerón of their dreams. ¡Vamos a lograrlo JUNTAS!


Join us for our workshops, events, and meet-ups that are focused to help us grow in many different aspects of our lives. We come together to learn and grow!


Tune-in to listen to the stories of inspiring Latinas who have accomplished incredible things. We will discuss a variety of topics from self-development, entrepreneurship, community, and anything to help our Mujerones improve their lifestyle. Like you, we are on the journey of becoming the Mujerón of our dreams!

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The ORIGINAL MUJERÓN Merch for women who are ready to get out of their own way and become the MUJERÓN of their dreams.


Join our Mujeroncita community for teens! A safe space for young chicas to learn and meet other Mujeroncitas. Our purpose is to help teen girls gain confidence, embrace self-love, and create a sisterhood. Our Mujeroncitas will be learning the tools they often do not learn in school. We accomplish this through our workshops, events, and mentorships.

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